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Range of the finest
pasta varieties from Tress

Diverse pasta varieties for every taste

When you go for pasta from the Tress brand, you are choosing enjoyment and quality. We provide you with a wide range of pasta varieties for every dish and for every taste. Whether you prefer egg pasta, Swabian spaetzle, Italian pasta or wholegrain pasta – you're sure to find the right product with us. Our product range includes around 70 types of pasta. So all pasta fans get their money's worth.

A family enjoys its time together and eats tasty pasta dishes

Egg pasta with tradition

Pasta is popular all around the world and it is difficult to imagine our diets without it. Egg pasta in particular has a long tradition in Germany. In Swabia, pasta is held especially dear in the form of spaetzle. To cater for this, we offer a large range of egg pasta varieties. In addition to traditionally rolled pasta, such as that from Grandmother's Kitchen, we produce around a dozen different types of spaetzle according to recipes handed-down through generations. Not forgetting our Original Homemade egg pasta and the tasty My Everyday Pasta ranges. The diverse pasta specialities cater to every palate.

A family sits outdoors and eats a tasty pasta dish together

For pasta lovers

With our Pasta Tradizionale, you are complementing your dinner table with a piece of Italian culinary tradition. After all, we produce our pasta varieties according to the original Italian recipe from 100% semolina, and thus wholly without eggs. The perfect pasta must achieve 'al dente' – or 'firm to the bite' – consistency. No problem for us! Thanks to the traditional style, in which the pasta is extruded through a bronze die, our Pasta Tradizionale specialities have the right consistency.

Wholegrain pasta and co.

Anybody placing importance on a balanced diet should give preference to wholegrain pasta every now and then. Wholegrain pasta is darker than the other pasta types and differs in texture and taste compared to egg pasta or original Italian pasta. That this in no way has to be a disadvantage is demonstrated by our wholegrain pasta from the Pure Spelt and Bio Balance product ranges. Since these pasta varieties are made without eggs, they are also ideally suited to vegan diets.