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Tress Grandmothers Kitchen
From a love of tradition

Tress Grandmother's Kitchen – carefully rolled pasta

Our pasta and spaetzle from Grandmother's Kitchen are produced with a great deal of love and care. We only knead the best ingredients in our dough: sun-ripened semolina and eggs which we freshly crack in our factory. Before the dough can be processed into pasta and spaetzle, it must rest to ripen. That way the ingredients can bond well and their full aroma can develop.

Rolled pasta dough and cut pasta

Pasta based on old tradition

For our rolled pasta, the dough is sent through several rolling stations where it is rolled out thinly – exactly the way grandmother did it with the rolling pin. The pasta dough is bouncy and springs out again after each time it is rolled. Consequently, the rolled pasta stays porous on the inside and keeps a rough surface, to which sauces bond particularly well. Rolled pasta is richly yielding and allows for genuine culinary treats – ideal for festive dishes and for spoiling guests.

Spaetzle just like back in Grandmother's time

Spaetzle is a speciality of southern German cuisine. Yet this Swabian pasta has been popular beyond the borders of southern Germany for a long time. No differently to home-made spaetzle, the fresh dough enjoys some resting time before we scrape it off or drop it into a bath of water in the traditional style. You can recognise the traditional production of our spaetzle through the appetising shapes which give the Swabian speciality its home-made character.

Awarded by the EU: quality seal for Swabian spaetzle and knoepfle

Since 2012, Swabian spaetzle and its round-shaped cousin the Swabian knoepfle have enjoyed special protection: only genuine Swabian spaetzle and knoepfle are allowed to bear this name. To qualify, they must be produced in Swabia and be subjected to strict checks in terms of ingredients and style. This genuinely traditional production is verified by the EU quality seal for "Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), which you will find on the Tress spaetzle and knoepfle packaging.


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Tastes can vary, but you're always right with pasta from Tress. Whether you prefer Swabian egg pasta, Italian pasta or organic wholegrain pasta products – our product range caters to every palate. Try them out for yourself and discover our diverse pasta specialities of premium quality.