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Tress Pure Spelt
Pure and healthy

Tress Pure Spelt wholegrain pasta from the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve.

Our Pure Spelt wholegrain pasta embodies a lot of our pride. After all, this tasty spelt pasta is a true local hero. The grain for our spelt pasta is grown, ground and processed exclusively in the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve. The spelt only travels a few kilometres from the field to the mill to the pasta production facility – a more transparent supply chain could hardly be possible. The short distances are not just easy on the grain, but on the environment, too, thus augmenting the value added within the biosphere reserve.

A spelt field in the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve with a sign reading "the spelt for our Pure Spelt wholegrain pasta grows here"

Wholegrain pasta – wholly healthy?

Our spelt pasta is wholegrain pasta displaying a brown colour. But what does wholegrain mean exactly? The answer is obvious: by grinding all the components of the cleaned spelt grain, wholemeal is produced with the valuable ingredients of the entire grain. This is how our Pure Spelt wholegrain pasta impresses with important nutrients and full flavour – ideal for a varied and balanced diet for the whole family.

'Very good' test result for spelt pasta

We process the valuable spelt wholemeal according to our original Swabian Tress home recipe with our especially gentle method, specifically developed by us for tasty spelt pasta. As a result, the nutritional benefits of the spelt and its delicately nutty flavour come into their own. The high quality of our wholegrain pasta is also confirmed by the German consumer magazine Ökotest (edition 01/2015), which rated the ingredients of the spelt tagliatelle and the entire product as 'very good'. Why not try out our spelt pasta for yourself and discover pleasure in harmony with nature?

New spelt declaration

In July 2017, the European Commission specified that lists of ingredients of food made from spelt must display a reference to the wheat cereal type. That is why you will find the following amendment on the list of ingredients of our spelt products in the future:

Spelt wholemeal becomes spelt wholemeal (wheat type). No change to the recipe or the ingredients, however!

Spelt pasta trending highly – the rediscovery of the original Swabian grain

For a long time the once top cereal on the Swabian Alb fell into oblivion. But now spelt is back and thriving in the traditional growing region and in top quality. Its natural protective cover – the spelt husk – protects the grain from harmful environmental influences and ensures that it only has to be supported to a minimal degree. Spelt is therefore ideal for a balanced diet, preferably in its wholegrain varieties. For example, in the form of tasty wholegrain pasta. Incidentally, the health-promoting effect of spelt was described by Hildegard von Bingen as early as the 12th Century. What was presumed by the abbess and naturalist back then has been proven today: spelt impresses above all in terms of its protein, iron, zinc and magnesium content. Plenty of fibre and unsaturated fatty acids also make our Pure Spelt wholegrain pasta the ideal satiater, which represents a valuable alternative for many allergy sufferers.

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