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Tress Pasta Tradizionale
100% enjoyment

Tress Pasta Tradizionale – my pasta, my taste!

Italy and pasta are inseparably connected. Nor could we do without popular varieties such as spaghetti or tagliatelle. According to the original Italian recipe, we only use the best semolina and water from the Swabian Alb Biosphere Reserve for our pasta without eggs. We leave the dough to rest before processing. This way the proteins of the semolina can develop and the pasta retains its special aroma.

Extruded through a bronze die

Whether it be spaghetti, tagliatelle or mafaldine: our Pasta Tradizionale varieties are all produced by means of the 'bronze' process – the technical Italian term is 'al bronzo'. In this traditional method, the dough is pressed through special dies made out of bronze. This noticeably roughens the surface of the pasta. As a result, the pasta is able to better absorb sauces, fish stock and pesto, thus ensuring perfect pasta pleasure.

Pasta al dente

Pasta fans catered for – do you most enjoy your spaghetti al dente? Then you'll be delighted with our Pasta Tradizionale range! The combination of premium raw ingredients, traditional style and exceedingly gentle drying guarantee that our durum wheat pasta achieves that 'al dente' consistency. Try it out for yourself and feast through the diverse world of pasta with our pasta without eggs.

Tress Pasta Tradizionale with the test winner spaghetti

Pasta must be served 'al dente'. A test conducted by the German gourmet journal Der Feinschmecker showed that you can also find good spaghetti in the supermarket. Especially when it's from Münsingen! Consider the praise from the jury around the German celebrity chef Cornelia Poletto: "Exceptionally hand-made spaghetti from Swabia. An intense aroma and taste; perfect consistency". No wonder then that our Pasta Tradizionale spaghetti (currently still on the market under the name Tress 100%) was chosen as the test winner. Read the whole article here.


Discover our product range

Tastes can vary, but you're always right with pasta from Tress. Whether you prefer Swabian egg pasta, Italian pasta or organic wholegrain pasta products – our product range caters to every palate. Try them out for yourself and discover our diverse pasta specialities of premium quality.