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Tress Exclusive
rolled premium pasta

Tress Exclusive – pasta for special moments of enjoyment

Love pasta? Great! Then we have something in common. For us, it's all about pasta. That's why we like our spaghetti, tagliatelle and other varieties not just to taste good, but irresistibly delicious. To do this, we select the best ingredients, tweak it to the best recipe and produce our pasta in the traditional style. Whether it's spaghetti, tagliatelle or farfalle – decades of experience and all our passion go into these specialities.

Rolled pasta

With Tress Exclusive, special enjoyment awaits you, because the production of these pasta types is based on old tradition. For example, we roll out the pasta dough thinly several times and cut it with great care into tasty spaghetti, tagliatelle and more. Through rolling, the pasta obtains its wonderfully porous consistency and absorbs sauces very well. Perfect for pasta lovers with the highest standards.


For extra long pasta enjoyment, our rolled spaghetti, tagliatelle and other varieties are hang-dried. By hanging the pasta on bars during the drying period, the classically curved shape emerges which we then gently pack. It doesn't just taste great, it looks great, too! With Tress Exclusive, you are taking a piece of typical Italian culinary tradition back home with you – guaranteed to be premium quality and peerlessly delicious. Just the right thing for those special moments.

Rolled Tress Exclusive pasta is hang-dried

Tress Exclusive pasta – perfect for sophisticated dishes

Want to indulge your guests with something special or simply want to treat yourself? Then the Exclusive range is ideal. Our spaghetti, tagliatelle and other varieties are highly able to withstand boiling, retain their heat well and are guaranteed to be firm to the bite. Thanks to their long shape, the pasta varieties can be wound perfectly into nests during arrangement – ultimately delicious to the eyes, too. Whether you're enjoying the pasta as a side dish or a main – our tasty Exclusive varieties are a genuine highlight on the plate.

Discover our product range

Tastes can vary, but you're always right with pasta from Tress. Whether you prefer Swabian egg pasta, Italian pasta or organic wholegrain pasta products – our product range caters to every palate. Try them out for yourself and discover our diverse pasta specialities of premium quality.