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My Everyday

Tress My Everyday Pasta – perfect for the family kitchen

Sometimes it's just got to be done quickly. Everyday recipes are uncomplicated to prepare yet still always taste delicious – just like favourite everyday pasta. With tagliatelle, spaetzle or torchietti, all pasta fans get their money's worth. With our pasta varieties of fresh-egg quality, tasty meals can be prepared that will go down well with the whole family. Whether combined with fish, meat or simply vegetarian, our appetising pasta varieties are the perfect basis for your family cuisine.

Girl eats pasta from the Tress range My Everyday Pasta

Pasta varieties for big and small

Pasta is popular for families. As parents know: tagliatelle, spaetzle and the like always score highly with the little gourmets. Whether with sauce or without; warm or cold: everyday meals for the family should only be varied, tasty and balanced. This is why pasta is ideal as a basis for almost every dish, since it contains hardly any fat and only a few calories. As it mostly consists of complex carbohydrates, pasta is the perfect energiser for the day.

Eat safely – every day

Only high-quality semolina and fresh eggs are used in the 'everyday' pasta and spaetzle. We meticulously agonise over the origin and safety of our raw materials when selecting ingredients. Strict inspections by our quality management department ensure enjoyment. No iffs or buts. Guaranteed.

My Everyday Pasta – these pasta varieties make you happy

Whether it be short, long or twisted – pasta delights the entire family. But why is this so? 'Pasta makes you happy' has been a long-standing German proverb. Now modern science has found an explanation for the Germans' love of pasta. The complex carbohydrates contained in all pasta varieties release the 'happiness hormone' serotonin to the human brain. Serotonin is our feeling-of-well-being hormone. It ensures a good mood – provided the pasta is as 'al dente' delicious as our 'everyday' pasta and spaetzle. Bon appetit!


Discover our product range

Tastes can vary, but you're always right with pasta from Tress. Whether you prefer Swabian egg pasta, Italian pasta or organic wholegrain pasta products – our product range caters to every palate. Try them out for yourself and discover our diverse pasta specialities of premium quality.